Equine Wellness Program

We at Kiel Veterinary Clinic are offering a wellness program for your horses.  This program includes services that fit the needs of a wide range of horses and that we feel are necessary to provide optimal health of our equine patients

Our plans include wellness exams, vaccines, coggins, fecal exams, dentals and more.  

The enrollment period for our wellness program is January 1st through March 13th 2020 and we will schedule your visits throughout the rest of the year.  While you may still enroll a horse after this time, the package discount will not apply for horses enrolled after the deadline.  Our package is designed to encourage quality health care for all horses. From retired pasture ponies to top level dressage horses, we strive to provide quality individualized care to address all of their needs.

At Kiel Veterinary Clinic we promote good preventative medicine in an effort to increase your horse's chances at a longer and healthier life.  

The Plan

  • Spring
    • Wellness Exam
    • Core Eq Innovator (Rabies, West Nile, EWT)
    • Fluvac Innovator (Rhino/Flu)
    • Fecal Egg Count
  • Winter
    • Wellness Exam
    • Fluvac Innovator (Rhino/Flu)
    • Fecal Egg Count
    • Quest Plus Dewormer
  • Spring or Fall
    • Oral Exam with Sedation
    • Floating & Corrective Dentistry 
    • Coggins


  • 10% Off
    • Potomac Horse Fever Vaccine
    • Strangles Vaccine
    • Radiographs
  • 20% Off
    • Emergency Services

Pricing for wellness plans can be provided by calling or emailing us, our support staff will be happy to assist you.

Click Here for a wellness plan application.

If you have any questions or would like help in choosing the plan that is right for your horse please contact us at (920) 894-3414 or $email.